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Eminence Luka on account of the Day of Orthodox book met with students of ZNU

16.03.2015 16:29 Наукова бібліотека свято візит

March 16, on the basis of Scientific Library of ZNU held solemnness on account of the Day of Orthodox book. Within a framework of celebration to our university visited celebration Eminence Luka of Zaporizhzhya and Melitopol accompanied by the clergy of the Pokrovsky Episcopal Cathedral, archpriest V’iacheslav Vlasenko and athors of heading and "Bookshelf" in the newspaper "Chronicle Orthodox" Halyna Liakhova. Honored guests met with representatives of the administration and the Scientific Library of our university and also with the students of the Faculty of Law.

At the beginning of the event Vice-Rector for Science and Research, professorHennadii Vasylchuk presented to the audience dear guests of our Higher Educational Institutions. Hennadii Mykolaiovych sincerely thanked Lord for the fact that he found time in his busy schedule to meet with students and tell them about national shrine of Ukrainian people Peresopnytsia Gospel. Also Vice-Rector for Science and Research hopes that students at the event hopes that presents at the event, students will appreciate the importance of this meeting and will be guided in their future life an appeal of Eminence Luka always live by the Christian laws.
Eminence Luka demonstrated to the presents facsimile edition of the clerical sacrament of Ukrainian people – Peresopnytsia Gospel: first translation in Оld Ukrainian language of the Gospel, implemented in the sixteenth century. After the meeting all the guests could get acquainted with this unique clerical and cultural monument of our people.
The clergy of the Pokrovsky Episcopal Cathedral, archpriest V’iacheslav Vlasenko described the poetic word as the spokesman Spirit of Christ wisdom and emphasized that the most important parts in the Bible written in poetic prose or poems
The author of the category "Bookshelf" in the newspaper in the newspaper "Chronicle Orthodox" Halyna Liakhova told to students about the history of the development and present clerge literature and outlined its great variety of genres. Additionally, Halyna Mykolaivna showed to the audience the paper "Chronicle Orthodox" and in detailed reviewed the features of this publication.
At the end of the event director of thr Library of Science of ZNU Valentyna Herasymova held to the honorary guests a sightseeing tour of the exhibition of Orthodox literature prepared by the library staff.
This exhibition was impressed by the Eminence Luka, who encouraged students to take advantage of opportunities for the improvement, which gives them a rich Scientific Library of Zaporizhzhya National University.

Tamila Tarasenko

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