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Instructors’ certification

04.09.2002 00:00

Certification board of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine conferred, by its resolution, the following academic degrees on the scientists of Zaporizhzhya State University: Savin Valerij Vasilievich (the chair of physical material research) – a degree of professor; Bakalenko Irina Nikolaevna (the chair of methodology of phylological subjects teaching), Kniaz’kov Yurii Petrovich (the chair of source research, historiography and special historical subjects), Kostetskaya Liubov’ Alexandrovna (the chair of Ukrainian literature), Puschina Irina Viktorovna (the chair of sports), Roschina Liudmila Mikhailovna (the chair of Unkrainian history), Stadnichenko Olga Alexandrovna (the chair of Ukrainian culture research), Turchenko Galina Fedorovna (the chair of Unkrainian history), Chernova Irina Viktorovna (the chair of theory of literature and journalism) – a degree of docent.
Deputy academic secretary of ZSU Acadmic Board
Ostapenko L. I.

Maria B.