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Poems of Young Poets Listened Zaporizhzhya ZNU Writers

18.05.2015 13:43 All Faculties Foreign Philology Факультет іноземної філології

On May 15 began a literary evening with these lines of great Ukrainian poetess Lina Kostenko: "Poetry - is always originality, a touch of the immortal soul ..." at the Faculty of Foreign Languages of ZNU.

A lot of young poets and writers presented their works: poems, stories, prose and even authors' songs accompanied by guitars.
This is not the first literary evening at the Faculty, but this time, it is not limited only recitation. Due to our esteemed teacher, Valentyna Botner, students know the professional point of view of the greatest poets and writers of our Zaporizhzhya.
Among the experts were even representatives of various literary associations and unions of Ukraine: Hanna Lupinos, Oles Barlih and Olena Olshanska. Literature scholars you gladly listened to the students, advised them many interesting things and invited to literary associations Zaporizhzhya.
Our young poets, including: Anastasiia Brus, Iryna Holiakova, Natalia Davydenko, Tetiana Kotova, Alisa Kryvosheieva, Yuliia Porada, Anastasiia Semak, Tetiana Fanahei, very interested in the proposal and instructed certainly promised to visit them in the evening.

Faculty of Foreign Languages

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