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ZNU teachers help school children to prepare for EIT in foreign language

22.09.2015 14:06 All Faculties Foreign Philology Факультет іноземної філології тестування профорієнтація

Faculty of Foreign Philology of Zaporizhzhya National University introduced a new form of work with high school students. The project "Test & Tips": an objective assessment of the achievements of the foreign language", which is implemented jointly with the Information and Analytical Methodical center of the Department of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Zaporizhzhya City Council, will help every high school student to determine the level of foreign language and orient future entrants for further training EIT writing test.

19 вересня 30 викладачів викладання другої іноземної мови та кафедри іноземних мов професійного спрямування ЗНУ здійснювали контроль за написанням тестів. Всього у заході взяли участь 1700 учнів (1616 учасників писали тест з англійської, 60 учасників з німецької, 24 учасника з французької мови). On September 19, 30 teachers of the Department of Teaching Second Foreign Language and Department of Foreign Languages for Special Purposes of ZNU monitored in spelling tests. Event was attended by 1700 students (1616 participants wrote test in English, German 60 participants, 24 participants from French)
Also, the project Organizational Board will determine the names of the top 50 test participants and ask them to award during the Doors Open Day at ZNU, which will be held on October 18.

Deputy Dean for career guidance of the Faculty of Foreign Philology
Valentyna Yemelianova

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