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At the Faculty of Physics held regional conference

01.10.2015 15:29 Фізичний факультет конференція співпраця з роботодавцями

Yesterday, according to the plan of international, national, regional (inter-university), university research, scientific, methodical scientifically conferences and seminars in Zaporizhzhya National University in 2015, at the Physics Faculty hosted a regional inter-university conference "Theoretical and Experimental Basics of Material Science". It was attended by scholars of our university, Zaporizhzhya National Technical University and representatives of enterprises of Zaporizhzhya.

During the conference discussed diverse issues and problems of physical science. They relate to creation and use in the educational process modern software and information resources in the field of material science and nanotechnology to prepare highly qualified specialists industrial sector, problems of material and technical basis for modern scientific research and implementation of the results of these studies in production and educational programs of higher education institutions, as well as problems of training specialists in the fields of "Physics" and "Physics of Condensed Matter" practical training on modern production with subsequent employment. Delegates presented their reports and presentations and answered a number of questions of colleagues and manufacturers.
Overall participated in the conference about 25 participants. The main purpose of the event was to achieve interaction between scientists and representatives of the industrial sector, and therefore - improving the image of the physical sciences, including among students.

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