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"Ukraine NATO Youth Summit 2015" at the Faculty of History of ZNU

20.10.2015 09:27 All Faculties History Історичний факультет

October 17 at the Faculty of History of Zaporizhzhya National University held a regional event for interactive youth organizations and groups of the Euro-Atlantic direction "Ukraine NATO Youth Summit 2015", which was attended by pupils and students of Zaporizhzhya region of ZNU Faculty of History.

The event was to determine the historical role of the NATO in case of a system of collective security transcontinental 21-st century to new global challenges to the nations of the world. The theme of the summit were defined in the wording of "Ukraine-NATO deepen cooperation in the deployment of aggressive actions by the Russian Federation". During the conference, students and schoolchildren trying to simulate the leadership of NATO and Ukraine on the events in the east of Ukraine and to offer an adequate response to the challenge of international geopolitical situation.
As a result of the summit was a joint resolution, which included economic, organizational and military assistance to Ukraine from NATO.

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