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ZNU Press Centre News / News / At ZNU identified contenders for the title "Student of the Year 2015"

At ZNU identified contenders for the title "Student of the Year 2015"

23.10.2015 09:19 All Faculties Economy Journalism Foreign Philology Management Sociology Law Конкурс Студент року

On October 22 at Zaporizhzhya National University held a meeting, dedicated to defining the candidates who will participate in this year's competition "Student of the Year". Organizer of university and faculty stage of competition at ZNU is the Department of Educational Work of Zaporizhzhya National University. The competition is supported by the Department of Family, Youth and Sports of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration.

The main purpose and objective of the competition is to identify and support talented young people, promoting the harmonious development of personality of students, to stimulate the interest of students to improve their intellectual level of national consciousness among young people, creating the conditions for self-identity of students and shaping their organizational skills, leadership qualities, responsibility the result of their work and encouraging students to form an active civic position.
Members of the university committee stressed the low activity on the faculties nominate talented students for the competition and the passivity of the students. They also stressed that among the candidates was introduced a significant number of active, creative and talented students are known for their achievements and achievements not only in Zaporizhzhya but also in Ukraine and abroad.
During the meeting among university stage of the competition winners in various categories are:
"Student - the students' government leader of the year" - Oksana Vitkovska (Faculty of Economics);
"Student - public figure of the year" – Alona Lepska (Faculty of Law), Tetiana Fanahei (Faculty of Foreign Philology);
"Student - scientist of the year" – Oksana Piatnyk (Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology) ;
"Student - monitor of the year" –Vladyslav Stashchuk (Faculty of Economics);
"Student - sportsman of the year" –Serhii Frolov (Faculty of Law) ;
"Student - journalist of the year" - Yevheniia Naumenko (Faculty of Journalism);
"Student - volunteer of the year" - Anna Aranzhii (Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration);
"Student - patriot of the year" - Nataliia Soloviova (Faculty of Journalism);
"Student - Artist of the Year" – Alisa Kryvosheieva (Faculty of Foreign Philology) ;
All winners will be recommended for participation in the 3rd stage of competition "Student of the Year - 2015", where they will represent the presentation of their activities. The last stage will last from October 27 to November 10. Determine the winners of the contest "Student of the Year - 2015" shall by November 17 - Students' International Day.

Olena Pereverzieva