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At the Faculty of Law discussed innovations in criminal law

16.11.2015 09:00 All Faculties Law Юридичний факультет

On November 13 at the Law Faculty held workshop on "New provisions in the Criminal Law of Ukraine" organized by the 3rd year students of of the Law Faculty.

During the workshop raised topical issues of methodology and techniques of criminal law in the new reform process in Ukraine. Separately drawn attention to the connections of criminal law with other branches of law: constitutional, criminal procedural, penal, criminology and criminalistics.
The participants concluded that a very urgent problem today is the issue of criminal liability of legal entities and measures applied to criminal law. In addition, no less relevant are the problems associated with the introduction of criminal justice in Ukraine.
In summary, the participants of the workshop emphasized the need to improve the accuracy application of criminal law in the classification of crimes, particularly those related to national security of Ukraine; properly navigate the current criminal law; be able to analyze the problematic issues and express their views on them. This, in turn, promote error-free application of theoretical knowledge and the criminal law to the specific facts and situations.

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