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«Traditions. Culture. Mentality»: a festive meeting of the English Club at the Faculty of SPP

25.12.2015 11:45 All Faculties SPP Факультет соціальної педагогіки та психології міжнародна діяльність

At the faculty of social pedagogics and psychology of Zaporizhzhya National University meets regularly «English speaking club». The meetings are held under the constant guidance of Associate Professor of Pedagogics and Psychology Department Natalia Mosol educational activities. On December 25 its meeting invited volunteer David Mckitryk. During a meeting with its club members discussed the traditions, the culture and mentality of different peoples.

Such a theme to communicate club members chosen not by chance: December 25 on the Gregorian church calendar celebrate Christmas. It is therefore interesting to identify and compare national characteristics in terms of traditions and customs. To add a festive atmosphere, discussions took place over a cup of tea and Christmas carols performed by students were wonderful music, and confirmed the fact that Ukraine is a singing country.
During the meeting the students remembered national customs, especially interesting to attend to learn about family traditions, because they are determined by the history of the genus. Also, students discussed the past and future of our country. They remembered about Ukrainian Christmas traditions identified features celebrating Orthodox and Catholic Christmas, discussed on features of national character.

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