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At the Faculty of Foreign Languages held meetings of the working group

22.01.2016 09:28 All Faculties Foreign Philology Факультет іноземної філології

January, 21 at the Faculty of Foreign Languages the meeting of the working group, in which faculty and staff discussed the academic performance of students of the faculty.

During the event, Dean of the faculty, Associate Professor Halyna Moroshkina held an informative analysis of student achievement and identified current problems and proposed algorithm phased elimination of debt students to start educational employment. Halyna Fedorivna focused on creating favorable conditions for the implementation of this algorithm. Deputy Dean on educational work, Associate Professor Kateryna Vasylyna emphasized the role of the curator in solving academic problems of students.
Head of the Department Translation Theory and Practice of English language, professor Yurii Zatsnyi noted that the results of studies of European experts, today there is a trend towards democratization of educational space, which expands the audience of potential students.
Dealt with issues of academic debt in foreign languages of students of non-linguistic specialties of ZNU. Head of the department of foreign languages of professional direction, Associate professor Stanislav Ivanenko outlined the problems and presented algorithm of their solutions.
During the discussion, Head of the Department of Second Freign Language, Associate professor Kateryna Ruzhyn supported the initiative of the Faculty Administration in conducting team meetings to address important vector of the faculty - student learning success.

Faculty of Foreign Languages

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