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19.09.2020 10:44:00

Preparatory Department
Preparatory Department of Zaporizhzhia National University accepts foreign and stateless persons who have secondary education certificate and for health reasons can study at higher education institutions. The objectives of the Preparatory Department for foreign citizens are Ukrainian language training, pre-entry training for admission to Zaporizhzhia National University or other higher education institutions of Ukraine.

  • Period of study at the Preparatory Department – 9 months.
  • Tuition fees:
  • 1000$ - individual admission;
  • 800$ - admission with the help of contracting firms of ZNU.
  • Admission to the Preparatory Department – throughout the year.
  • It is necessary to receive an Invitation letter for admission to the Preparatory Department. Foreign or stateless person should send the documents at the email address ( with the subject “to Preparatory Department”