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“Khortytsia springs - 2003”

08.10.2003 00:00

Regional exhibition-fair of educational, scientific, local lore and children’s books in Zaporizhzhya “Khortytsia springs - 2003” took place on October 3 – 5, 2003 in Glinka concert hall of regional philharmonic society. The exhibition was held on the eve of the Day of Zaporizhzhya and was dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Zaporizhzhya region’s liberation from German-fascist occupants. ZSU was represented with the works of Novikov Yu. F., Tkachenko A. A., Tolok V. O., Karagodin A. I, Chabanenko V. in the following nominations: “Folio”, “Zaporizhzhya region”, “The world of science” and “Way to the future”.
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