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At Zaporizhzhya National University will open the Confucius Institute

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12.04.2016 14:55:00

Confucius Institute will start work at ZNU in less than a year. The delegation of Anhui Pedagogical University agreed with the administration of ZNU during a visit to our university last week. Ukrainian and Chinese universities signed an agreement on cooperation, which besides the opening Confucius Institute also provides for the development of mutually beneficial joint projects in the fields of education and science.

The agreement said, in particular, of joint science researches, academic exchanges between students and teachers, double degree diploma program and the organization of joint scientific and educational projects.
Representatives of Anhui Pedagogical University – Deputy Director of Chancellery of International Affairs Liu Donghe and Deputy Director of the Institute of Foreign Languages Wu Shihong – during their visit they met with Rector Mykola Frolov, Vice-Rectors Gennadii Vasylchuk, Volodymyr Volkov, Oleksandr Gura, Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages Moroshkina Halyna, Faculty of Philology – Tamara Khomiak, Faculty of History – Volodymyr Milchev, Head of the International Office Victoria Vertegel and Head of Legal Department Olha Kulinich.

After the signing of cooperation agreements with Anhui Pedagogical University at ZNU begins preparations for the the opening of the Confucius Institute. According to visitors from China, usually it takes a year. But the administration of Zaporizhzhya National University plans to launch the project in the second term of the next academic year.

Oleksandra Usenko