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At ZNU starts Strengthening Academic Integrity in Ukraine Project

20.04.2016 10:16 All Faculties Sociology

Zaporizhzhya National University - one of ten national universities in which operates Strengthening Academic Integrity in Ukraine Project - SAIUP. It is implemented by American Councils for International Education in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the US Embassy. Yesterday, April 19, presented the project in our university Taras Tymochko its coordinator and project specialist Yulia Solodko. During their visit to ZNU guests met with the university administration, faculty and students.

As explained Taras Tymochko, the definition of "academic integrity" in law is found in the Framework Law of Ukraine "On Education". It is denote a set of ethical principles and established by law rules that have guided the participants of the educational process in order to ensure confidence in the results of studies and scientific achievements.
In English, there are two matches of the word "integrity". «If the first of these means honesty under external pressure, including laws, the second - a conscious confession of certain ethical standards and principles. We work with the latest», – noted project coordinator.
The project itself is designed for four years and should cover a whole generation of Bachelors who till the diplomas have become carriers of certain values. It is expected that the formation of such values ​​contribute several components. This is the educational component, including seminars and workshops for students and teachers, motivational components (organization of competitions and branding PSAs) and preventive component, which is to develop a regulatory framework on the national level and at universities. It is about creating the so-called "honor codes institutions" that govern relationships between teachers, students and administration in higher education. There must be registered issues of prevention and sanctions for cheating, plagiarism and bribery in universities.
At the same time, representatives of the project emphasize that it does not seek to punish dishonest participants of the educational process, rather to change the social consciousness. Supports projects promoting academic integrity in Ukraine's partners: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Federation of Employers of Ukraine, Ukrainian Association of the student government, think tank CEDOS, the company Microsoft Ukraine, National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" Ukrainian Catholic University and Fairfield University (USA , Connecticut).
According to Taras Tymochko three mentioned universities have solid experience in combating violations of academic and willing to share their experiences. By the way, ten Ukrainian universities-participants elected on a regional basis. Their successful experience of academic integrity will continue to be used by other Ukrainian universities.

Incidentally, the university has appointed university's program coordinators. They were Vice-Rector for Science and Research Gennadiy Vasylchuk and student of the Faculty of Social Science and Administration Kovtun Oksana.
Gennadiy Vasylchuk sure that the students and teachers in front there are a lot of hard work. «But the one who will change according to the requirements of time, surpass all others».

Oleksandra Usenko