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American psychologist Andrew Heddert met with teachers and students of the Faculty of SPP

28.04.2016 11:25 All Faculties SPP факультет соціальної педагогіки та психології міжнародна діяльність гість

April 26 at the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology of ZNU was a regular public lecture of PhD Andrew Heddert (PhD, Clinical Psychology, USA), which was devoted to practical methods of psychological assistance to the family. Participating in the event were senior students of specialty "Practical Psychology" and teachers of the faculty.

American psychologist introduced the students and teachers of the theoretical foundations and practical aspects of psychological assistance to people who have complex injuries. At the meeting, he outlined the main factors hurting, defined features families who are in difficult circumstances, and analyzed the impact of trauma on personal development and their implications. Mr. Andrew argued thesis of his speech, the results of current research, links to the latest psychological literature, examples from his own experience, which was obtained in both institutions in the USA and in Ukraine, where he currently works as a volunteer.
Andrew Heddert suggested that those present at the lecture an interesting model of psychological care - ARC ( «attachment, regulation, competence»). Based on this approach, integration injury is possible if the work is conducted from 3 basic components - "adherence, self-regulation, competence". Providing practical psychological help to people who have psyhotravmatychnyy experience is extremely important, especially when it comes to children. «Injury is a part of life, but it should not determine personality», - зазначив американський лектор.
Upcoming psychologists actively participated in the discussion of the lecture. They were also able to test their knowledge in practice in the work of the specific case (case-study), whose task was to analyze the situation and develop a program of psychological assistance to child survived a complex trauma.
Representatives of ZNU outlined possible steps for further cooperation with Andrew Heddert.

Nataliia Mosol,
Deputy Dean for International Relations
of the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology

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