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Unity Day

22.01.2004 00:00

January 22, 2004 is the 85th anniversary of declaration of Ukrainian People's Republic's independence proclaimed in Universal IV of Ukrainian Tsentralna Rada. Today Zaporizhzhya State University is the epicentre of celebration in Zaporizhzhya. Regional scientific-research readings with the assistance of head of Zaporizhzhya regional administration V. Berezovsky, deputy mayor of Zaporizhzhya A. Panchenko, ZSU governing body in the persons of rector V. Savin and prorector in charge of curriculum N. Nekoz, representatives of regional departments of political parties and social organizations, ZSU instructors, students and body, and representatives of Zaporizhzhya mass media were held at 11:00 a.m. (ZSU building I, room 50).
ZSU scientific library organized book exhibition "Ukrainian cathedrality: ideas, experience, problems" dedicated to this anniversary. More than 200 items from library fund were exhibited there.
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