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European standards in Ukrainian education

04.10.2005 09:15

Scientific and practical seminar, dedicated to stages of gradual adaptation of law higher education in Ukraine to demands of Bologna declaration took place in Kyiv National University of internal affairs. Representatives of Ministry of internal affairs, Supreme Court, General Public Prosecutor’s office, Ministry of education and science of Ukraine discussed urgent changes in frame of this seminar. Zaporizhzhya region was presented by experts of two higher education establishments: ZNU and GA ZISMA.

Tetiana Kolomoets - Doctor of Juridical sciences, deputy dean of ZNU law faculty and docent of ZNU chair of administrative and managerial law, Ganna Gulevskaja represented our university. Unification of law tuition at higher education establishments was the question on the agenda. A decision was made to hold a Congress of representatives of law education and science, and to create special associations of law tuition in Ukrainian regions. Experts in this branch admitted necessity to use foreign experience – the experience of those specialists who has already worked in context of Bologna process.

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