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Arm wrestling at the break

06.10.2005 08:56

Not only Olympians are interested in healthy lifestyle and sport competitions. ZNU faculty of management arranged its own mini tournament in arm wrestling today at the break.

Six students decided to demonstrate their power: Anton Kharchenko, Maxim Baikov, Denis Sui, Maxim Demianenko, Alexandr Lebedev and Anton Tarasenko. Deputy dean in charge of humanitarian education and pedagogy A. Kurguzov conducted the competition and instructor D. Urokov became an austere referee of the tournament.

Winners of first three competitions were defined during the first stage of the tournament. Then they competed between themselves. And, at last, the title of “iron arm of management faculty” was awarded to Maxim Baikov. It’s worth to mention the fact that representative of ZNU security was eager to try himself in student wrestling. He tried and …lost!