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Topical questions of physical culture and sports in contemporary social and economic conditions

07.10.2005 08:58

The second international scientific and practical conference “Topical questions of physical culture and sports in contemporary social and economic conditions” was held at Zaporizhzhya National University on October 6 -7. Scientific subject of the conference includes historical, social and economical, law and organizational problems of physical culture and sports, psychological and pedagogical, medical and biological aspects of this branch, topical questions of Olympic and professional sports, innovational approaches in physical culture and sports. Modern problems of physical rehabilitation, par-olympic sports and adaptive physical culture are also on agenda.

Ceremonial opening of the conference and plenary sitting took place yesterday. ZNU rector S. Tymcheko and head of organizational committee, dean of the faculty of physical culture and sports, M. Malikov greeted our university scientists and guests from different Ukrainian cities.

Then the guests spoke. Valentyna Shapovalova, professor, doctor of medical sciences (Kyiv) reported on ”New approaches of World Health Protection Organization strategy of health forming” . The speaker informed conference participants about new projects of World Health Protection Organization aimed at improvement of general conditions of health and life in Europe.

The fact that Ukraine, that is classified as a part of Western Europe, shows almost the worst indicators of health conditions, and life duration was underlined. Many reasons can be found to explain it but all of them have social grounds: low life level causes major part of health problems of our citizens.

The reporter counted six basic factors of health danger that are urgent not only for Ukraine but for other European countries as well. Use of drugs is the first one, then come alcohol, smoking, and only the fourth place is for accidents, AIDS – the fifth one, sexually transmitted diseases are the last in this list.

Unfortunately, not all means and programs bring any effect.

Many of them are temporary and not systematic, they are closely connected with external factors, such as functioning of some political powers and so are terminated as soon as the power disappears.

But there are also successful projects that bring positive results. One of them is the”System of health improvement schools” that has been functioning in Europe since 1986 and is actively developed in Ukraine now. The concept of such school supposes not only professional teaching of physical culture and health basics but also skills of self control, ability to find oneself in dangerous situation, basics of rational food, etc.