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Sviatoslav Vakarchuk at ZNU

19.10.2005 10:40

Well-known Ukrainian musician, Counselor of the President in charge of youth politics Sviatoslav Vakrchuk visited our University on October 17.

”Okean El’zy” came to Zaporizhzhya in frame of the tour supporting their new album “Gloria”, but they didn’t limit themselves to concert only. The performers take an active part in charitable activities, so the first place they visited in our city was boarding-school for physically disabled children. They communicated with administration on topical subjects and presented a karaoke system to pupils.

The next stop was at ZNU. Sviatoslav Vakarchuk arrived together with the governor of Zaporizhzhya region Yuri Artemenko. He met with university students and instructors and told about new projects, answered the questions on music, social activities and of course private life of a star.

One of the questions was “What did Sviatoslav Vakarchuk do as a Counselor of the President?”. The musician explained that this post doesn’t suppose any definite duties and tasks in the system of executive power, but, nevertheless, it doesn’t mean absolute inactivity. Counselors of the President are supposed to create an intellectual environment that helps power to link with different social groups, to find out existing problems, and proposes definite salvations in this or that sphere. Vakarchuk enumerated the projects in which he and the performers of the group took part. Some of them are Sviatoslav’s acting as an Ambassador of Good will in OUN, charitable activities, social advertisement, etc.

The musician wished good humor to Zaporizhzhya studentship and invited everybody to visit the concert at the palace of sports “Yunost’”.