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Problems and prospects of Cossackship development in contemporary conditions

21.10.2005 09:29

International scientific and practical conference ”Problems and development prospects of Cossackship in contemporary conditions” began today, on October 21 at Zaporizhzhya National University.

It is arranged by Zaporizhzhya department of Scientific and research Cossackship institute of the Institute of Ukrainian history of NAS, Permanent international coordination union of Cossacks of Belorus, Russia and Ukraine.

The arrangement is aimed at scientific analysis of the state of cossackship, definition of development trends for Cossack society and also working out recommendations on normative and legal documents concerning cossackship activities.


Scientific workers of many establishments took part in the conference. The came form: Mykhailo Grushevs’ky Institute of Ukrainian archeography and source studies, Ukrainian institute of military history, National university “Kyiv-Mogylans’k Academy”, Institute of international relations of Taras Shevchenko National university, National preserves “Khortytsia”, “Chygyryn”, Zaporizhzhya museum of regional ethnography, and also higher educational establishments: Zaporizhzhya and Odessa national universities, Zaporizhzhya law institute of Ukrainian MDA, Dnipropetrovs’k mountain academy, Donets’k institute of artificial intelligence, Chernigiv and Kherson state pedagogical universities, Grand duke Sviatoslav Ukrainian military-cossack institute, Rostov state university, etc.

Major forum participants are representatives of cossackship from Kyiv, Zaporizhzhya, Odessa, Donets’k, Nikopol, Energodar and other cities of Ukraine and Russia – Kuban’, Rostov, Taganrog, Moscow.

ZNU rector, professor, doctor of historical sciences Sergij Tymchenko pointed out in his greeting speech: “Zaporizhzhya region is the cradle of cossackship. So this conference is arranged here not by chance. There is Institute of cossackship at our university. “Small encyclopedia of Ukrainian cossackship” is one of its achievements. By the way, added publication of this book will appear soon. That is why I am happy and proud of the fact that such an authoritative conference is held at Zaporizhzhya State University. I wish you success in your work!”

Forum of such scale took place in Ukraine in April. And today’s arrangement is its logical continuation. Participants will hold plenary sitting where honorary guests and scientists will speak. Afterwards sections will start working. Results of the conference will be summed up tomorrow.