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ZNU will take an active part in formation of “Kamjana Mogyla” museum exposition

14.10.2005 09:32

The president of Ukraine Viktor Yuschenko took part in opening ceremony of renewed and rebuilt historical and archeological monument – notable museum-preserve “Kamjana Mogyla”. Head of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration Yuri Artemenko, head of regional council Vladimir Berezovsky and other official figures together with rector of Zaporizhzhya National University Sergij Tymchenko also visited this unique place.

The idea to arrange everything in preserve in order appeared long ago taking into account the fact that this place is visited annually by over 30 thousand tourists. The only reason that limited it was the question of finance. Fortunately new power paid attention to this subject and the situation changed.

Investment agreement was signed in April this year. This document regulates finishing of museum complex “Kamjana Mogyla” building. Sum of the agreement is 1, 8 million grivnas. Building was finished in term.

Now the main task is to put new exhibits into this beautiful building. Our university was the first one to propose help. And this proposal is more than only words. Archeological laboratory has been functioning at ZNU for more than twenty years. This laboratory is able to present substantial amount of exhibits on ancient history of Ukraine. There are also books from university collection, some of them written by our researches, instructors of ZNU faculty of history, M. Sci. (history), docents G. Toschev and S. Andrukh.

As our rector, professor Sergij Tymchenko has noticed, president’s support of ZNU initiative to partake in exhibition was the most pleasant.

During this visit there was a short conversation between the president, governor and our rector on ZNU development. Viktor Yuschenko approved of the steps our university makes, especially in the sphere of Ukrainian spirituality, history and culture of our nation.


State historical and archeological museum-preserve “Kamjana Mogyla” was founded in 1985. It is situated near village Terpenie of Melitopol area and covers 15 hectares. There is a sand hill – unique memorial of ancient history and culture, and nature as well – these are the remnants of sarmate storey of tertiary ?poque (14 mln. years old).

Kamjana Mogyla is announced a monument of nature and archeology of state scale and is protected by the state. Historical and archeological preserve “Kamjana Mogyla” is put into state register of Ukrainian historical places of national scale on December 27, 2001.

Museum-preserve arranges expeditions annually. New exhibits are regularly added as the result of these researches. Opening of the most ancient in the world protoshumeric written language was a sensation.

It is thought that Kamjana Mogyla is even more ancient than the Stone Hendge (Great Britain) and Egyptian Peramids! It has been a place of worship for many peoples for thousands of years. There is an opinion that it is kind of temple, model of the Universe, that reflects the essence of the world.