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From Zaporizhzhya to Novgorod-Sivers’ky

10.10.2005 10:59

ZNU students could visit the most remarkable place at the north of Ukraine in the middle of golden autumn, on October 6 – 9. The tour was arranged by deputy dean of ZNU faculty of journalism Viktor Kostiuk. He invited students of his faculty and Ukrainian philologists.

The excursion started from legendary Novgorod-Sivers’ky, city known for historical facts described in “Slovo pro pohid Igoriv”. Students could feel the spirit of ancient times during their visit to Spaso-Preobrazhens’ky monastery where the architecture of XI-XIX century coexists in harmony. Today this is a working male convent.

Besides Novgorod-Sivers’ky ZNU students visited Sumy, where they could take a walk and see the sights of the city. Afterwards they went to motherland of our president – village Khorunzhivka of Sumy region. Zaporizhzhya guests visited the school where Viktor Yuschenko studied, had a conversation with his teacher of Russian language and literature, saw the house where our president grew up and paid homage to the tomb of his mother. The main sight of Khorunzhivka is a church built on money given by Petro Yuschenko, president’s brother.

Putivel’. This name is mentioned three times in ” Slovo pro pohid Igoriv”. Students could stand at that famous place where “Yaroslavna cried”. They also visited museum of regional ethnography. The exhibits of this museum tell city history from the most ancient times up to nowadays.

Travelers shared impressions and photos after they returned home. They tried to remember and tell others unforgettable impressions of historical and state monuments and great Ukrainian nature.