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Borys Olijnyk celebrates his anniversary

24.10.2005 11:32

Famous Ukrainian poet and public figure Borys Olijnyk is 70.

Book exhibition ”70th anniversary of Borys Olijnyk, Ukrainian poet, political figure” was opened at ZNU scientific library on this occasion. And also this prominent artist visited our city not so long ago.

Borys Olijnyk arrived to Zaporizhzhya as a national deputy and head of Ukrainian culture fund. Borys Illich visited opening of memorial to duke Sviatoslav and greeted citizens of Zaporizhzhya on the 62nd anniversary of liberation from fascist invaders, he underlined that: “Our parents and grand parents liberated this beautiful city together without division into nations. And Sviatoslav’s spirit, as if their ancient supervisor, supported fighters.

Borys Olijnyk together with famous Ukrainian writer Mykola Lukiv met with rector of Zaporizhzhya National University Sergij Tymchenko. They discussed numerous questions of renaissance of Ukrainian spirituality, growing up of young generation as a nation of new times, and formation of educational priorities of high school. Further work for wellbeing of Ukraine – this is the aim of all participants of this unofficial meeting.



Biographical reference

Borys Olijnyk was born on October 22, 1935 in village Zachepylivka of Novosanzhars’k district, Poltava region. His works were published first when he was a school boy. After graduation from school he entered the faculty of journalism of Taras Shevchenko National University. He wrote over 40 books of poetry, essays, articles. His works were published in Ukraine, all USSR republics, they were translated into Russian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Serbian, Italian and other languages. For eleven years he has been head of Socialist Party of Ukraine.

Borys Olijnyk is known for his definite society position. He was one of the first people who went to Chernobyl in May-June of 1986, his reports were shown at central television of USSR and Ukraine. His article “Trial with Chernobyl” in “Literaturna Gazeta” (Moscow) was dedicated to those notorious events. Borys has visited many places of international conflicts of former Soviet Union for last ten years. His essays “Two years in Kremlin”, “Who and why is satanizing Serbs?”, “Who is the next one?” tell about these events.

Now Borys Olijnyk is an active member of NASU, head of Ukrainian culture fund, nominee of state prize of USSR, Taras Shevchenko state prize of Ukraine, international Grygory Skovoroda prize and prize “Friendship”.