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Interview of ZNU rector Sergij Tymchenko to radio station “Velykyj Lug”

28.10.2005 10:32

Interview of ZNU rector Sergij Tymchenko given in program “Radio reception” - joint project of radio station “Velykyj Lug” and newspaper “Industrial’ne Zaporizhzhya” (October 27, 2005).

- You have already been working as university rector for three months. It has become a tradition in our society to sum up the results after one hundred days of work. It is interesting to know what was done? And one a bit more personal question. Why do you appear in mass media so seldom?

- I came to university no appear in media but to work this is the reason why I spent these days working. When I began, in July, there were numerous problems. New academic year was ahead. I had to concentrate on it. The idea of scandals around ZNU is a past idea. Today university is stable. There are no vivid conflict situations. We work to prepare experts of the highest level.

- But it was ZNU that attracted everybody’s attention. It is the only of city higher education establishments where rectors changed so often and conflicts arose. Why??

- I have already said it and will repeat now that university body and university management are not the same. Body - is honored professors, deans, docents, instructors, who work every day hard. Conflicts arose around university management. And management problems should not be considered the problems of the body.

- Your predecessor was discharged because of number of serious violations. But it was at the time of his rectorship that ZNU was given the status of national university. Does it answer the demands now? Many instructors left…STRONG> 

- Of course it does. The status was given to education establishment but not to its management. It shouldn’t be corresponded to only one person.

- Yes, but at that time university body was different. Later instructors started to leave. Does university answer the status of national?

- Professors started to leave one year before ZNU became national. University possessed the potential it needed to receive national status. Today almost everyone who worked when national status was received work here. Some of those who left return now. And special attention should be paid to new theses. This year 10 Doctor’s degrees were received and over 50 degrees of Master of Science. If those people who left would like to come back we would be glad to meet them here. By the was former university rector Tolok is coming back. Viacheslav Olexandrovych is a professional of the highest level, scientist, instructor. He will be occupied with what he knows the best – the sphere of information technologies.

- What are your relations with Valery Savin?

- Valery Vasyliovych works at ZNU hour-to-hour. He manages preparation of post-graduates.

- Why the security of the first and the second university buildings disappeared?

- We took off the metal fence because it spoiled the appearance and made the university look like some place where people are not free. Now entrance is free.

- But security was established there just because of some thefts and there even was an attempt of rape. One year ago nobody was let in without special document.

- Those who didn’t have any documents also came through. No illusions should be here.

- Your students ask to pay attention at student cafes at ZNU buildings II and VI. They are in terrible condition. And something more – there is no light in some educational rooms…

-I apologize for these inconveniences. And I promise that these problems will be solved in three days. Financially university can afford it.

- There were some discontent with qualification of university body. For example head of entrance examination committee hasn’t got higher education. Is it true?

- Previous head of entrance committee didn’t have higher education. But this person worked here at the time when Valery Savin was rector. This year M. Sc. (History) docent Viktor Tkachenko is head of this committee and his qualification is out of question.

- Is it true that ZNU diploma can be bought for some money?

- As for me, I haven’t heard of such cases. Now all diplomas are made of plastic and they are issued by the Ministry of education and science. As for the facts that some students do not attend classes but pass examinations, well, these are seldom. And I know of it. It shouldn’t happen and will be taken care of.

- One more topical subject is salary of university instructors.

- Well, there are some problems with payment. At the beginning of the year salary of university staff was increased by the Government (for 57%). The plans of January and real situation at the moment differ. This problem is solved at the moment. No one will be paid less that it is supposed by the law.

- Why does attitude to those who pay for the tuition and to those who study for free differ? Is it true that if the lesson is missed it should be paid for?

- Attitude is the same. They study in the same groups. As for the payment, two weeks ago Minister of education and science issued an order according to which educational establishments are forbidden to take any payment from students.

- ZNU is a classical university. Beforehand it was headed by the representatives of exact sciences. Now you came – humanitarian. Will university orientation change because of it?

- Classical university supposed equal development of all specialties. They will be equally supported by me. I will pay more attention to development of humanitarian pedagogy, humanitarian education and will solve urgent social problems. I will pay attention to positive image of our university. We are the first of city educational establishments which created new department – ZNU press centre. It functions and its work can be vividly seen.

- Is it true that from the beginning of next year new student newspaper will be issued?

- We would like it. Some definite steps are made. We have already got experience of newspaper publishing and it cost our university 450 thousand grivnas annually. It is newspaper “Nash gorod”, but it is not issued now, because the money it cost was not worth it. Now we are working of establishing a new newspaper. Zaporizhzhya regional state administration supports our initiative. This is the first step. The second one is creation of press-centre. And the third one is new format of student newspaper “Zaporiz’ky universytet”. I think that we will prepare and publish new regional youth newspaper.

-When Valery Savin was university rector there were made some new arrangements concerning those students who entered university as winners of Olympiads and contests. Will they study for free?

- Law of Ukraine about education supposes only two forms of education – state budget and contract. It happened so that the third, illegal, form appeared at our university – contract with discounts. It is not supposed by the law. That is why according to decisions of the Ministry of education and science that worked here this year all privileges were abolished. But we introduced 150 additional budged places. And those students who paid with discounts will study for free.

- But ZNU will not earn any money for it, won’t it?

- I cannot give you the answer at the moment. But what is most important is that law should come first of all. Even if no money will be earned everything should be done according to the law.

- How are the problems with student hostels solved?

- Today this problem is not so urgent. Those students who needed a place to live are given places in hosted. We are going to finish repairing of the hostel at st. Parkhomenko. We received new hostel for 200 places at Zoia Kosmodemians’ka st. thanks to regional state administration. It will be repaired before the end of this year.

-And what can you say about places to live for university body?

- We work on it. Ask me in half a year and I will tell you what is done.

- Do you plan to increase monthly allowance for university students?

- University doesn’t influence it. It is decided by the Cabinet of Ministers. We pay our students everything.

- When will new desks, blackboards and chairs be bought?

- From the beginning of a new academic year. When I received this post in July 90 -95% of funds were spent.

- Why do you ignore publicity? Former rector was seen by students much more often.

- I do not ignore the arrangements I am invited for. If I am not able to come my deputies do. I came to university in order to work and not in order to visit different mass arrangements

- Are any new specialties planned at ZNU?

- There are 50 specialties at ZNU at the moment. The question of new is not an urgent one. There should be society and state need and popularity among some definite part of youth. We work on specialty “Tourism” for Crimean faculty of physical culture, sport and tourism at Simferopol. And open new specialty “Gardening and park economy” at ZNU biological faculty. There is no such specialty neither in our region, nor in the nearest ones. And the third specialty is “International relations” in frame of historical faculty.

Thank you for coming.