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Gathering of young scientists

02.11.2005 20:42

Ceremonial gathering of young scientists enrolled for post-graduate studies and graduates was held at ZNU today, on November 2.

 ZNU prorector in charge of science and international cooperation Viktor Grischak congratulated graduates and delivered them certificates.

ZNU post-graduate studies counts 40 specialties today, 250 future scientists study there. It all started in 1962 with two specialties: Ukrainian language and physics. 38 graduates of 55 students of post-graduate studies decided to work at ZNU last year. According to Viktor Grischak future prospects raise hopes. This year graduates – 6 D.Sc. and 40 M.Sc. Every one of them understands that education gives them first of all possibility to develop personally and professionally, and also, as one of scientists said, “it opened for them grandeur of her majesty Science”.

Egor Liman, Vladimir Mil’chev, Iryna Ryzhova, Margaryta Dergach, Liudmyla Romanenkova and Natalia Sosnitskay – are doctors of science now. There are many well known in Zaporizhzhya people among scientist. They are Oksana Gladij – editor of journalism and art department of TV channel «Zaporizhzhya», instructor of ZNU faculty of sociology and administration Iryna Chaika , scientist of Gorlivka National University (Donets’k region>, student of Yuri Zatsny Victoria Cherednichenko and others. And for some people this day is the beginning of their studies. Entrance examination committee resolved that from November 1, 2005 there will be 60 students of post-graduate studies and 3 future doctors of science: two of them will research mathematical modeling, and the third one – history of Ukraine.