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Zaporizhzhya National University attracts attention of mass-media

03.11.2005 22:40

Press-conference dedicated to creation of State art centre “Hyle earth” was held at Zaporizhzhya State University for city and central mass media.

  Head of regional state administration board of culture and tourism Mykhailo PRYGARO, art director of Zaporizhzhya municipal laboratory-theatre «VIE» Viktor POPOV and well-known theatre and cinema director Dmytro LAZORKO met with journalists. Conversation lasted for more than an hour and was interesting and substantial.

Mykhailo Prygaro pointed out that citizens of Zaporizhzhya are lucky, because government and the president pay much attention to thorough development of the isle of Khortitsa. People from other regions understand that Khortitsa is a sacred possession for all Ukrainian nation. Creation of art centre « Hyle earth » - is a large scale program, for dozens of years. Besides, it will be a tourist place, and this is of extreme importance. An idea of “isle theatre” is very good, because it supposes several trends at once.

«Talking about our theatre, I can say that when we gathered in 1995, we started dreaming of centre of art, - explained Viktor Popov. – We would like to unite here the best leading directors of Ukraine. It concerns in particular Klim, who was awarded UNESCO prize last year for a play directed in St. Petersburg. He will take an active part in our project. There is a wish to create a European theatre. And we also should develop ethno-theatre. Because Khortitsa has always been a sacred place, connected with spirituality and art.”

 «I have visited Zaporizhzhya a lot during past years and I have met a real life here, I like its citizens and it will be a pleasure for me to work here, - this is what Dmytro Lazorko answered when he was asked why he left Kyiv and abroad for Khortitsa ».

Head of benevolent educational fund “Olexandrivs’ky” Svetlana Samars’ka was present at the arrangement. She was pleased to find out that Zaporizhzhya National University supports cultural and educational arrangements.

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