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Fruitful cooperation

04.11.2005 21:44

Delegation of rectors and prorectors of Zaporizhzhya National University and Zaporizhzhya National Technical University will visit Germany on November 13 – 17. Tour is aimed at development of business and partner relations between Sachsen-Anhalt and our region in frame of functioning of ZNU “Centre of cooperation Zaporizhzhya – Magdeburg” and development of contacts with universities «Otto von Guericke», «Magdeburg-Stendal» and German charity fund “Marga and Kurt Mellgaard”.

“Centre of cooperation Zaporizhzhya – Magdeburg” was founded in May, 2004 at Zaporizhzhya National University with the support of chamber of industry and commerce of Magdeburg headed by professor, D. Sc., honorary professor of Zaporizhzhya National Unoversity Klaus Heekmann. Centre was created thanks to Agreement of cooperation between Zaporizhzhya National University, Zaporizhzhya National Technical University and chamber of industry and commerce of Magdeburg and also Agreement of participation in centre functioning of Center of Zaporizhzhya regional union of owners and manufacturers (employers) “Potential” (president – Petr Vanat) and Zaporizhzhya chamber of industry and commerce (president – Vladimir Shamilov).This organization is aimed at support of cooperation between Zaporizhzhya region and Sachsen-Anhalt for training highly professional experts.

Our delegation is planning to visit Magdeburg universities -" Otto-von-Guericke "и " Magdeburg-Stendal ", it will consist of: ZNU rector Sergij Tymchenko, ZNU prorector in charge of science and international cooperation, director of “Centre of cooperation Zaporizhzhya – Magdeburg” Victor Grishchak, ZNTU rector professor Sergij Belikov and ZNTU prorector in charge of international cooperation Olexand Andrienko.

ZNU has already worked jointly with Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences for several years. This work resulted in pedagogical project “Study and work together”, ZNU participation in Socrates-Erasmus programs, joint work in the sphere of social and psychological rehabilitation of patients by musical means and different courses and seminars, etc. Besides, professor Klaus Pollman is planning to sign up cooperation agreement with Otto von Guericke University.

But perhaps major point of Zaporizhzhya delegation will be concerned with visit of German charity fund “Marga and Kurt Mellgaard”. This has supported ZNU since 2000.

Fund “Marga and Kurt Mellgaard” was founded in 1987. It is member of Association of German charity funds. Its aim is to assist education and science in the countries of Western Europe. One of its major tasks is to provide financial help for scientists.

ZNU received financial help in January this year. Our university organized foreign tours for young scientists in order to give them opportunity to partake in international conferences. Five thousand euro was used to buy scientific literature in German publishing houses, there were also given three grants for language courses, and five grants for participation in “International marketing”.

These and other questions will be discussed by members of Zaporizhzhya delegation and top management of German charity fund " Marga and Kurt Mellgaard " during their visit. Partners will discuss new tasks and sum up the results of ten year cooperation.