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Faculty of History of ZNU: 34th Anniversary

05.12.2005 00:51

6th elections of Student-Dean were held within celebrating Faculty of History Day in Zaporizhzhya National University. Two candidates were seeking this office – freshman Andriy Toshchev and third-year student Olexandr Proskurin.



The festival started with warm opening speech delivered by First Vice-Rector of ZNU, Doctor of Sciences (History), Prof. Fedir Turchenko. He presented the best students of the year with diplomas.  Yana Kravchenko, Nataliya Savchenko, Kostyantyn Ulyanenko, Viktoriya Bela, Maxym Butenko, Myhailo Bezangliys’ky, Kateryna Tonkonog, Anna Olenenko were rewarded for active participation in faculty’s social life, and Olexandr Leshchenko – for sport activity. Sergiy Telyupa, Andriy Toshchev and Dariya Vershyna were recognized as faculty’s best actors.


The election campaign started with debates, fro both candidates to display their oratory and ability to lavish promises on the electorate. The next stage implied the presentation of their concert programs. Even real Election Committee, consisting of faculty lecturers Inna Shugalova and Lyudmyla Nesterenko, Acting Dean, PhD (History), Assoc. Prof. Iryna Kryvko and First Vice-Rector of ZNU, Doctor of Sciences (History), Prof. Fedir Turchenko was established. In the break between the performances of two candidates, third-year student Yan Gertsyg and fourth-year student Vasyl’ Ostrouhov sang a song about their faculty. After the agitation had been over, all the voters received their ballots to mark one of three possible variants and put it into the ballot-box.


160 of total 230 voters used their voting right. Having calculated the votes, the Election Committee announced the results: against all candidates – 0 votes, for Andriy Toshchev – 69 votes (43,1 per cent), for Olexandr Proskurin – 89 votes (55,6 per cent). Thus, third-year student Olexandr Proskurin has won the elections by incidental advantage. He was legally elected as Student-Dean of Faculty of History for the term of one year. After tense elections the celebration of Faculty Day was continued in café «Tetyanyn Den’».