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Community Activization Technologies

08.12.2005 16:02

“Community Activization Technologies” regional seminar was held by the Faculty of Social Pedagogy and Psychology and Christian Children’s Fund within the complex plan of activities timed to 75th Anniversary of Zaporizhzhya National University. Social sphere experts, youth organizations leaders, workers and volunteers of non-governmental institutions that offer social services took part in it.

The seminar was aimed at raising the level of social sphere workers’ knowledge about community and the formation of attainments for its involving into the solution of children and family problems. During three work-days 25 representatives from Dnipropetrovs’k, Zaporizhzhya and Kyiv regions were discussing community problems, developing different methods of evaluation of its demands and activization. The conferees studied new forms of work within the elucidative training. They got the theoretical toolkit on the given topic and mastered practical skills of community’s evaluation of its own demands.


The regional seminar was conducted in interactive form. Comprehensible and easy perception of information by the participants, changing forms of work, keeping the level of interest high all the time – these were the principles of experts’ work.  Besides, while fulfilling the tasks and participating in games, the conferees were able to get acquainted with all the group-members, to exchange information about their cities and to communicate on professional and personal levels.


The organizers of the seminar – consultant-managers of ZNU Resource Center Nataliya Mosol and Mariya Kokareva – consider such an activity to be one of the most effective forms of learning and understanding information. The subject is prospective in the view of the fact that many communities successfully developed abroad. In our country the search for new ways of communities protection aside from existent governmental mechanisms of social relations regulation is more than actual, that is why foreign experience in communities activization should be used with maximum efficiency in Ukraine. 


Community is a group of people, united by common origin, race, social status, religious views and place of habitation, where a number of social institutions is situated (family, school, church, leisure and medical institutions).