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Open KVN Festival “ZNU Graduates Cup”

14.12.2005 01:46

KVN is always funny… even if your team doesn’t win. Unfortunately, Zaporizhzhya National University team wasn’t high on the list at the open KVN festival “ZNU Graduates Cup”. But it doesn’t mean our players were not good enough – the other teams were too strong and experienced. The competition was tense and interesting.


The two-day festival was held in palace of culture “Metalurgiv” of Zaporizhstal JSC. It was led by experienced KVN figure and showman Sergiy Avdiyenko.


The program was traditional: the audience watched Greeting, Warm-Up and Homework contests. Jokes were spouting from the stage: sometimes apt and witty, sometimes not – but every word invariably found encouragement from the audience. The action was adorned with surprising moments that made the spectators feel either amazed (for example when broom-guitars of the actors from Kryvyy Rih suddenly sparkled with fireworks) or scared (when fantastic Batman appeared on the stage). But impetuous laughter certainly prevailed.


The performers were estimated by the jury composed of the festival main sponsor, Faculty of History of ZNU graduate, Head of the Committee of Directors of Olexandr company Volodymyr Kal’tsev, another ZNU graduate, Director-General of Nevis Ltd. Anatoliy Postol, actress of TV KVN team “Slavutych” Ganna Selyvanova, actor and author of “Slavutych” KVN team, captain of ZNU KVN team “Sonechko” Sergiy Alimov, the member of “Thick and Thion” duet Anton Khol’kin. Yegor Krutogolov, actor, author and captain of TV KVN team “Dyzel’” was the Head of Jury.


Director of Zaporizhzhya Office of joint-stock “Faktorial-Bank” Volodymyr Pavelko, Director of culture-business center “Khortytsya”, Head of ZNU Graduates Association Valeriy Kozyrev, Director of “SFG Tavriys’ke” company Ruslan Mukovs’ky and of course ZNU leadership headed by Rector Prof. Sergiy Tymchenko were also present at the festival.


Former ZNU graduates sponsored the festival generously. Costly prizes (digital cameras) were also presented by All-Ukrainian Youth Public Association “Youth for Lytvyn”.


“Shyvorot-Navyvorot” team was adjudged to be the best. Valentyn Kozyrev congratulated heartily the participants from Chernivtsi and presebted them with ZNU Graduates Cup. They also received a wireless microphone as a present from “SFG Tavriys’ke” Director Ruslan Mukovs’ky.


Runners-up were “Hit-FM” team from Kharkiv (Director-General of Nevis Ltd. Anatoliy Postol presented them with a TV set), “Uragan” team from L’viv was third (and received digital cameras), while “Stal’noy Proekt” from Dnipropetrovs’k finished 4th (Director of Zaporizhzhya Office of joint-stock “Faktorial-Bank” Volodymyr Pavelko presented them with a nice radio cassette player).


Those who weren’t as lucky during the competition – namely “Pervaya Stolitsa” (Kharkiv), “Nasha Ulitsa” (Dnipropetrovs’k), “Mister Muskul” and “Strila” (both ZNU, Zaporizhzhya), “Non-Stop” (Berdyans’k), “Kholodno V Cheshkah” (Kherson), “Garyachi Vos’mydesyati” (Zaporizhzhya), “Khutoryany” (Kyiv) and “Gagariny” (Kryvyy Rih) – received calendars and clocks from ZNU Rector Professor Sergiy Tymchenko.


ZNU was holding KVN festival of that scale for the first time. University Student Board and KVN team “Sonechko” were the organizers of this action.