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ZNU First Vice-Rector Fedir Turchenko’s 59th Birthday

20.02.2006 13:08

The collective of Zaporizhzhya National University congratulates its First Vice-Rector, Doctor of Sciences (History), Professor, Honoured Worker of Science and Technics of Ukraine Fedir Grygorovych Turchenko with his 59th birthday!
We wish you strong health, many long years of life, creative aspiration and fruitful work in the fields of education and science!

Fedir Turchenko was born on February 19, 1947 in Tymofiyivka village of Krasnopillya District of Sumy Region. In 1970 he graduated from Kharkiv State University, “History” was his speciality. After that he worked as a teacher of History in the school of Terny, Nedrygaylo District, Sumy Region.

In 1973 he started his post-graduate course at Kharkiv State University. His PhD thesis “Changes In Social Structure Of Urban Population In Soviet Ukraine Of 20s” was defended at the beginning of 1977.

In 1977-1978 he worked as an assistant, senior lecturer of the Chair of History of USSR and Ukrainian SSR of Zaporizhzhya State Teacher’s Training Institute. In 1979 he became Assistant Professor of the Chair of History of USSR and Ukrainian SSR, in 1980 – Head of the Chair of History of USSR and Ukrainian SSR of Zaporizhzhya State Teacher’s Training Institute.

In 1988 he defended his Doctor thesis “Liquidation Of Exploiter Classes In Ukraine In The Years Of Socialist Revolution And Civil War.”

In 1989 he becomes Professor of the Chair of History of USSR and Ukrainian SSR of ZSTTI. In 1990 - Head of the Chair of USSR History of Zaporizhzhya State University.

In 1992 he was assigned as Head of the Chair of Modern History of Ukraine of Zaporizhzhya State University.

Between 1992-2005 Fedir Turchenko was working as Dean of the Faculty of History of ZSU. These years were remarkable for positive notable changes at the chairs (the highest level in the number of lecturers who defended theses), new speciality – “Archivism” – was opened, Scientific Research Institute of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks was founded.

Now Fedir Turchenko is Head of Zaporihzhzhya Region branch of Relations With Ukrainians Abroad Community “Ukrayina-Svit”, member of T.G. Shevchenko All-Ukrainian Community “Prosvita”, member of All-Ukrainian Association of Teachers in History and Humanities “Nova Doba”.

Since 1992, he is permanent leader of ZNU’s specialized academic council on PhD theses defending, member of Dnipropetrovs’k National University’s specialized council. He is the head of post-graduate and doctorate studies. He has already trained 12 PhDs and 5 Doctors of Sciences in History.

Since 2005 Fedir Turchenko is First Vice-Rector of Zaporizhzhya National University.

He is the leader of authors collective of “Ukrainian Cossacks. Brief Encyclopedia” (Kyiv; Zaporizhzhya, 2002) edition, the author of 5 monograph researches, 120 articles, 10 text-books in History of Ukraine and History of Zaporizhzhya Region. Monograph “South Ukraine: Modernization, World War, Revolution (End Of XIX  Century - 1921). Historical Sketch” (Kyiv, 2005) is one of the most remarkable works by Fedir Turchenko of late.

He was presented with Honorary Diploma of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Ministry of Science and Education’s Diploma. He is Outstanding Teacher of Ukraine.

According to President of Ukraine’s Decree #30 of January 20, 2006 Fedir Turchenko obtained Order of Merit of III Degree for significant contribution to social and economic progress of the region, major working breakthroughs, top professionalism and to celebrate the occasion of  Ukraine Reunion Day.