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“Nature Around Us” Photo-Exhibition

28.02.2006 19:27

Photo-exhibition “Nature Around Us” has recently taken place in Zaporizhzhya National University. The works of Alina V’yazovs’ka, second-year student of the Faculty of Biology, were represented.

Fortunately. There are people who do care about animate nature. They are doing great thing, exploring the world of animals and plants: they shoot films, take photographs, write books. Alina V’yazovs’ka turned out to be such a personality. From little up, the girl is taking keen interest in the environment, surrounding her. Being in 7th grade, she made up her mind to devote her life to studying flora and fauna of our country. She entered ZNU’s Faculty of Biology, “Study of Hunting”, after school, and photo-camera is her rifle. Alina is fond of Botany, Biochemistry and adores Zoology. “Nature is my inspiration, I live for it,” she says. The student saw many fabulous landscapes last summer. The impressions underlay her first photo-exhibition, that has been recently held in ZNU Museum of Zoology. Its director Oleksandr Korotya rated highly girl’s talent. Alina herself states: “These photographs are the beauty that surrounds us. It stimulates the desire to live in this wonderful world.”

Ganna Gonchar