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Enlarged Session Of The Board Of Science And Education Department Of Zaporizhzhya Region State Administration

01.03.2006 15:41

Enlarged session of the Board of Science and Education Department of Zaporizhzhya Region State Administration, first this year, was held in Zaporizhzhya National University.

The session was conducted by Ol’ga Svyetkova, Head of the Department. Acting Deputy Head of Zaporizhzhya Region State Administration, Rector of Zaporizhzhya Region Institute of Post-Graduate Pedagogical Studies Mykola Frolov, Rector of Zaporizhzhya National Technical University, Head of the Council of Rectors of Institutes of Higher Education of III-IV Level of Accreditation Sergiy Byelikov and Director of Zaporizhzhya Gymnasia #28 Vitaliy Vlasenko were present and the meeting.

Rector of our university - Professor Sergiy Tymchenko – gave a report on the first item of the agenda (“On Ways And Mechanisms Of The Development Of Collaboration Between General And Higher Education Institutions In Providing The Continuity Of High-Quality Education And Supporting Talented Students”). He stressed that “unfortunately, today we have to admit that there’s no serious system of work with talented children,” paying the audience’s attention to the fact that very a few per cent of talented pupils enter higher-education establishments on budget form. Another alarming symptom is that the number of entrants from countryside keeps on reducing from year to year.

Sergiy Tymchenko put forward some suggestions on at least partial improvement of the situation. Above all, the widening of opportunities for institutions of higher education and national and local authorities to pick talented youth out is required. Better collaboration with Low Academy of Sciences should be developed: the university is ready to give quotas for children who are the winners of different contests.

Besides, ZNU Rector asked for support of his initiative to create “Zaporizhzhya National University” contest, aimed at picking out the children of from all the districts of our region, who deserve special conditions for the entrance. All-region specialized contests that could bring budget places for the winners should also be held in the university.