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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Faculty of social pedagogy and psychology celebrated the 15-th anniversary

Faculty of social pedagogy and psychology celebrated the 15-th anniversary

19.12.2006 17:12

In Zaporizhzhya National University solemnities, dedicated to the 15-th anniversary of the Faculty of social pedagogy and psychology took place.

The hall of the second building of the University gathered all the students, teaching staff of the faculty, friends from other faculties, representatives of social services of the city, the other honorable guests.

From the name of the Rector his associate in scientific work, professor Viktor Grishchak congratulated all the present on the occasion of birthday of the most humane faculty. Professor Lyudmila Mishchik, who was one of the creators of the faculty, referred to various problems that the educational collective met at establishment of one of the first faculties of such profile in our country. She wished the present dean and all the colleagues further success. 


There were a lot of presents – to the heroes of the occasion and from them: the symbolic golden fish to the first dean Lyudmila Mishchik, the pearl - to “the talisman of the faculty”, the present dean, associate professor Olga Ponomarenko, the globe – to the associate rector in scientific work, professor Viktor Grishchak.

The guests came from other cities as well – the dean of the friendly faculty of the Dnipropetrovs’k National University read the congratulation address and gifted the presents.

On the holiday the best students and lecturers of the faculty were awarded. Brevets and sweet gifts gained students Zinaida Kozlova, Oxana Kergevska, Svitlana Nosovska, («For the active work on realisation of social program with children-orphans»), Olga Dolgih («For the active work in asylums for difficult children»), Tetyana Sannikova («For scientific work»), Ilona Andreeva («For volunteer work»). Among lecturers professor Liudmila Mishchik, professor Mikola Prikhodko, associate professor Olena Pochernina, and also doctor of psychological sciences Natalija Shevchenko and applicants Anzhelika Poplavska, Natalija Shevchenko and Iuliya Paskevska were awarded. 

The representatives of social services of the city – the head of social department of the Center of social services for children and youth, the manager of the service of volunteers, the head of Zaporizhzya service of social defense  thanked students and lecturers for their activity in work with people, who especially need aid, and stressed the importance of specialities of the faculty.

The meeting ended with holiday salute and traditional greeting song: «We Wish You Happiness».