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New Year party on the Faculty of Journalism

21.12.2006 18:21

On the eve of New Year holidays, on the Day of Holy Mikolaj, on the faculty of journalism of Zaporizhzhya National University the New Year ball was held, in which participated lecturers and students of the Faculty.

Concerto lasted almost for 2 hours, however this time flashed quickly and unvisibly for all the present, due to the interesting and exiting program. The  New Year party consisted of two parts: the greeting of students and lecturers. Participation from every course and from every chair was obligatory.
The students amused the audience by favorite fairy-tales from our childhood - Red Hat, Snow Queen and many others.
The combined team of students from different courses performed the humorous parody on lecturers according to the plot of the famous film «Irony of the Fate...».
Students of different courses Katerina Voloshchuk, Iuliya Murakhovska sang well-known Ukrainian and English songs wishing Haррy New Year, showed parodies on politics, singers and lecturers.
Then came the turn of lecturers. The chair of the theory of literature, on head with professor Vitalij Shevchenko, swore, that in new year all they would help students not to asperse the journalist's profession. And the lecturers of the chair of journalistic creativity prepared new year news from our faculty. They informed about the search of grants,
Bolonja process, criminal, fasion and weather, all this was represented in a humorous style.
The final stage of the holiday became the exit of Father Frost and Sniguron'ka with congratulations on New Year and X-mas holidays and wishes of success in New year.