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The first national pattern of Verkhovna Rada

21.12.2006 18:19

Students of the Faculty of Law of ZNU took part in the work of The first national pattern of Verhovna Rada - Parliament of Ukraine - which was held on the base of Odessa National Law Academy.

First the Rector of Odessa National Law Academy, professor Sergii Kivalov made the speech.
Then, according to official rules of the national pattern of Verhovna Rada, began the work in subcommittees.

The second-year students Evgen Volkov and Inna Melnik worked in regime of the first, second and third readings (of the analogous regime of the work of the real Parliament of Ukraine) taking active part in discussion of several draft laws. One of them had the name "About Opposition".  The participants considered several variants of it and affirmed the best one. In a similar way the other documents were adopted, which were fixed in the agenda of the national pattern of Supreme rada.

Students of the University returned with certificates of participants and invitations to take part in the other, the final tour of this measure, that would be held in Donets'k this week-end.