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Another step to the European system of education

15.03.2007 11:33

The lecture "The ways of applying Bolonja process into the high education in Germany" took place on the 13 of March at 14:30 in ZNU. The lecture was delivered by the coordinator of European program of preparing bachelors and masters of sociological sciences professor Volfgang Blomers from Magdeburg-Stendal University.

In his speech he told that today 45 ministers of education in Europe signed the document as their agreement to use the Bolonja process (credit-modul system). He stressed that in Europe there is the necessity of regulation the system of education.

According to Mr Blomers wonds every student can use flexible regime of education. Volfgang Blomers was sure in its objectivity and exactness.

Our guest from Germany spoke special about documents, which every student will get acquainted. As it turned to be there are not only such documents which are connected with the process of education. There are the documents about students' free time. A lot of questions were asked at the meeting with showed that the students were took an interest in credit-modul system.