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The Day of "Open Doors" at the Faculty of Law

12.03.2007 11:27

On the 11th of March at 10 in the morning at the assembly hall of the 5th building ZNU the day of "Open Doors" took place. School-leavers’ attention was turned to the fact that the faculty cooperates with specialized educational establishments from 2003 and all the necessary agreements were made.Highly educated, professors, doctors of sciences come to our university to read lectures to our students. One more advantage for future students of law is that they will be able to get useful job being the students of the 4th course. There is the system of self-government at the faculty. The students display great interest, initiative, become talented persons of great education, they can get prizes and special scholarships. Having been acquainted with the university, the school-leavers took part in the test.