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Unusual lesson on the journalism faculty

16.03.2007 11:37

On the 15th of March the students listened to Russian romances; it became possible at the meeting with the actors which was organized by Yuriy Botner, the lecturer of the faculty. The task of the students was to listen first and then ask questions. After that they had to write about it. The prize-winner of many competitions, the teacher of actor master of ZNU Paul Kostyk sang classical romances of the 19 century. The students also took part in singing. Alexandr Zhitomirskyi sang French romance. There were a lot of questions after the meeting if there were Ukrainian romances in his repertoire; could they sing about love if they were not in love. The students were glad to be at such a non-typical lesson. After that their task was to write their own opinion and the best of them would be printed.