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A regional festival of slem-poetry in ZIDMU

19.03.2007 11:44

On the 17th of March a regional festival of slem-poetry in ZIDMU took place; 7 poets took part in it, 2 of them from ZNU. Slem-poetry is a new stream in Ukrainian culture, the main sence of which is in reciting poems on theater stage and performing at the same time. The author becomes a real actor. The organizer of the festival is the "Club of Ukrainian youth". The rules of them are rather standard. This kind of poetry is not widely, known to the people of our town, but there were no vacant seats, many of the students came to see a literary performance. The winners of the competition "A young wine" Vladimir Vichlyaev and Vladimir Klen. The winners were those, who could be there. They are said that it was well organized. The only negative fact was that the reaction of the people who came to the meeting by chance.