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The advises of the specialities about jobs for graduates

20.03.2007 11:50

On the 20 of March 2007 the training in the hall of the 5 course ZNU "How to begin your own career" was held. The aim was to help students to be well oriented in life. It was organised by the students' company of the juridical faculty and "The League of the students".

The dean of the faculty, experts addressed the students among them, Sergey Kravchenko, famous practical lower. He also told that the specialists will meet with the knowledge which is not taught at the juridical faculty. It will be done by themselves. Not always the job looks like in text-books, you must be ready for it. Michail Minaev told that the lowers didn't have a big wage. According to him the lower should have a steel emotional system, because they always decide people's problems.

Dmitriy Kirichek spoke about personal traits which can be brought by lowers themselves. At the end the auditorium could ask questions about interesting aspects of their practical work.