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The nature of Ukraine as a map for tours

16.05.2007 14:06

Recently students of biological faculty returned from tour over Crimea. It became possible due to support of the Club of extreme kinds of sport «Horizon» which helped our biologists with organization of transport and by munitions. Director of zoological museum of ZNU Olexandr Korotya guided the tour.

Such rides on nature persecute three aims: for the first, recreational and sanitary, fo the second - educative (students personally can test their knowledge in identification of different kinds of animals and plants), for the third, such measures consolidate collective spirit.

The tour by Crimea by a larger extent bore scientific character. During the identification of representatives of Crimean flora students met a number of endemics - organisms which live exclusively in this locality and are not met on other territories of Ukraine.

In the nearest future Olexandr Korotya and a group of students plan to have an excursion to Samarsky forest.