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«Law Readings» in ZNU

18.05.2007 13:56

In Zaporizhzhya national university passed the twelfth annual scientific-practical conference «Zaporizhzhya Law Readings». This year the conference gathered about 200 scientists from 48 top educative establishments almost from all regions of Ukraine. Besides, representatives of social organizations attended the action - Center of political and law reforms (Kyiv), Associations of lawyers of Ukraine (Kyiv), Regional center of Academy of law sciences of Ukraine, regional and municipal law-protecting organs, leading legal firms of Zaporizhzhya, professional publishing houses.

As usual, work of the conference was conducted in several courses. Sections in history and theory of government and law of Ukraine, in philosophy of right; Constitutional law; Administrative and financial law, informational law; Civil law, civil process and family law; International law; Criminal law, criminology and criminal-executive law; Criminal process, criminalistics and judicial consultant's investigation; Proprietary law and proprietary process; Labour, land and ecological law.

Also during plenary session was offered a new text-book «Financial Law», written by the collective of lecturers of the law faculty of our University. Besides, video-presentation of the law faculty was made, which demonstrated its history and achievements.

All willing could get acquainted with exhibition of literature in law sciences, that was organized by Scientific library of ZNU. Several stands of the exhibition were dedicated to works of lecturers of our university (text-books, professional editions, thesis of scientific et cetera.