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Malovana Yuliia

ZNU Professors Faculty of Social Sciences and Public Administration Department of Political Science

Ph.D. of Political Science, Associate Professor of Political Science


  • Professionally-Oriented Workshop in a Foreign Language
  • Political Imageology
  • Political Sphere of Society
  • Political Advertising
  • Political Marketing
  • Politology
  • System of State and p\Political Management
  • Technologies of Political and Public Administration

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Graduated with honors from the Faculty of History of ZNU with a degree in "History" (2006). Defended PhD dissertation on "Political symbols as a factor in shaping public consciousness" (2013). In 2017, she took part in trainings organized by the Institute for Democracy and Social Progress in cooperation with the regional office of the Foundation. F. Ebert in Ukraine: "Training for teachers" (April 21-23, Kyiv), "Women's lobby in Ukraine: building the future" (May 19-21, Mykolaiv), as well as training on the basis of Intensive training Institute of Media Research Methodology (March-October 2017). According to the results of the trainings, the participant's certificates were received.

Scientific work

Author of 30 scientific works, including co-authorship in two collective monographs, articles in encyclopedic dictionaries-reference books, textbook and co-authorship, articles in professional publications of Ukraine.

Research interests: symbolism in politics, political image-making, political advertising, political marketing, information policy.

Інформація надана факультетом соціології та управління

Malovana Yuliia