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Khorishko Lilia

ZNU Professors Faculty of Social Sciences and Public Administration Department of Political Science

Doctor of Political Sciences, Associate Professor


  • Political Elites and Leadership
  • Political Technologies
  • The Political System of Modern Ukraine
  • State and Military Policy of the World


Graduated from Zaporizhzhia National University.

Studied at the graduate school of ZNU; topic of the Ph.D.'s dissertation "Paradigm of success in the political sphere of modern society";

Studied for a doctorate at ZNU; topic of doctoral dissertation "Institutionalization of the elite in the processes of modernization of the political system of Ukraine".

Scientific work

1 collective monograph, one-man monograph, sections in 3 textbooks, 8 slogans in dictionaries-reference books, 30 articles in professional editions of Ukraine, 4 articles in foreign editions, 3 textbooks, 2 methodical recommendations for seminars, 25 abstracts of participation in scientific conferences

Research interests: institutionalization of the political elite, political leadership, political modernization

Інформація надана факультетом соціології та управління

Khorishko Lilia