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Butchenko Taras

ZNU Professors Faculty of Social Sciences and Public Administration Department of Social Philosophy and Public Management

Head of the Department of Social Philosophy and Public Management of ZNU, Professor of the Department, Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor


  • Analytical philosophy
  • epistemology and epistemology
  • philosophy of scientific consciousness
  • social design
  • formation of a social project team
  • public administration
  • social design in public administration


He was born on December 13, 1977 in the city of Kishinev.

2000 - graduated with honors from the Faculty of Law of Zaporizhzhia State University.

2004 - defended his dissertation "Evolution of the contractual concept of the origin of the state: socio-philosophical analysis", was awarded the degree of Ph.D. of philosophical sciences.

2011 - defended his dissertation "Social design: the problem of the relationship of public needs and state interests", was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

2012 - awarded the academic title of Associate Professor.

Since 2012 - Professor, Head of the Department of Social Philosophy and Public Management of Zaporizhzhia National University - the graduating department of the educational programs "Public Administration", "Social Work" and "Philosophy".

Scientific and pedagogical experience - 15 years.

Has experience of internships and participation in international programs and projects.

2007 - at the University of Gotland (Visby, Kingdom of Sweden).

2008 - at the Institute of Politics, Political Processes and Political Philosophy, University of Massachusetts (Amherst, USA).

Project "Social planning in volunteering" with the support of the public agency "Swedish Institute" (2015) - coordinator and trainer.

The Historic Locations Project, with the assistance of USAID (2015-2016), is the coordinator of the study of mechanisms for involving residents in public institutions (Sagaidachny Tract).

Unite the Community within the Ukrainian Confidence Building Initiative (UCB) with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) (2016-2017) - coordinator and trainer.

The project "Involving youth in municipal planning" of graduates of American educational programs with the support of the Innovation Foundation "AEIF" and the Department of Education, Press and Culture of the US Embassy in Ukraine (2016-2017) - the initiator and leader.

2018 - internship within the project of institutional cooperation with the European University Viadrina (Frankfurt-on-Oder, Germany).

He is grateful to the rector, diplomas of the Zaporizhzhia City Council, Zaporizhzhia Regional State Administration.

Scientific work

He has 3 monographs, 4 textbooks, more than 60 publications on current issues of philosophy and social development.

Deputy Chairman of the Specialized Academic Council for the Defense of Dissertations for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy D 17.051.05.

Research interests: social design, philosophy of scientific consciousness, analytical philosophy, public administration

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Butchenko Taras