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Malinovska Olga

ZNU Professors Faculty of Social Sciences and Public Administration Department of Social Philosophy and Public Management

Associate Professor, Ph.D. of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor


  • Methods of teaching philosophical Courses
  • philosophy of pedagogical consciousness
  • philosophy of cultural studies
  • mythology
  • theory and practice of philosophical argumentation
  • professional skills and professionalism of a social worker
  • philosophy of personnel management


She was born in Zaporizhzhia.

1993 - graduated with honors from the Faculty of Philology of Zaporizhzhia State University. 2002 - entered the graduate school of ZNU, majoring in "social philosophy and philosophy of history."

2002-2007 - lecturer at the Department of Cultural Studies of ZNU.

Since 2007 and still works at the Department of Social Philosophy and Public Management.

2010 - defended her dissertation on "The relationship of personal and social in the formation of a citizen of sovereign Ukraine", received the degree of Ph.D. of philosophical sciences.

2014 - received the academic title of Associate Professor of Social Philosophy and Public Management.

Since 2013 - Deputy Head of the Department of Social Philosophy and Public Management of educational and teaching work.

For about 10 years (since 2010) he has been the Head of the scientific and methodological council of the Faculty of Sociology and Management.

He has experience in teaching at school and college (EPC). Teacher of the highest category, teacher-methodologist.

Since 2014 he has been a member of the licensing and accreditation groups of the specialties "Social Work" and "Philosophy". He is a member of the project group for the development of educational and professional program "Philosophy" for applicants for a master's degree.

Experience of scientific and pedagogical work - more than 20 years.

Scientific work

He has more than 30 scientific works and educational and methodical developments.

Research interests: modern foreign philosophy, culturology, philosophy of cultural studies, philosophy of pedagogical consciousness, modern problems of education and upbringing, formation of civic consciousness.

Інформація надана факультетом соціології та управління

Malinovska Olga