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Igor Kudinov

ZNU Professors Faculty of Social Sciences and Public Administration Sociology Department

Ph.D, associate professor


  • Decision Theory
  • Social Statistics
  • Everyday Sociology
  • E-governance
  • Social Forecasting
  • Qualitative Methods of Social Forecasting
  • Strategic Forecasting of Political Situations and Processes
  • Cognitive Technologies in Sociology


Igor Kudinov – Ph.D, associate professor. He received full degrees in sociology (2001) and philology (2017) at Zaporizhzhya National University. He defended his Ph.D. thesis “Life Strategy of Personality as a Factor of Society’s Development” and received a Ph.D. degree in Philosophy (2005). In 2013 he received the title of Associate Professor.

He actively participates in social projects organization and implementation at international, Ukrainian and regional levels, including Education and Science Ministry of Ukraine, EU-UNDP, USAID, IREX, OSI, Swedish Institute, Caritas Ukraine and Sociological Association of Ukraine projects. Specialization: statistical analysis and data visualization, social audit, social forecasting, business intelligence.

For now he lives in Zaporizhzhya (Ukraine) and works at Zaporizhzhya National University as an associate professor of Sociology Department, acting as a vice dean for international affairs and a project manager of Social Science and Public Administration Faculty.

Scientific interests

Igor Kudinov is the author of 45 works, including three monographs, three textbooks concerning social and political forecasting, sustainable development, peacekeeping, sociological research strategy and social engineers’ automated workplaces.

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Igor Kudinov