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Pristupa Iryna Volodumirivna

ZNU Professors Faculty of Biology Landscape industry and genetics department

associate professor of the department, PhD of Biology, specialty "Botany", associate professor, coordinator of practice of biological faculty


  • Botany
  • Genetic resources and introduction
  • Planting of inhabited places
  • Fundamentals of plant introduction
  • Radiobiology


Pristupa Irina Vladimirovna was born in 1974year. Associate Professor of the Department of Landscaping and Genetics, PhD in Biological Sciences.

In 1996 she graduated from the Biological Faculty of the Zaporizhzhya State University with honors. In 2001 she defended her candidate's thesis on the specialty "Botany" in the National Botanical Garden named after. MM Grishka of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine on the theme: "Ecological and biological researches of some representatives of the family Magnoliaceae in the conditions of the southeast of Ukraine (on the example of the Zaporizhzhya region)" (scientific leader of the doctor's degree, professor Bessonova VP). In 2008 she was promoted to associate professor

Scientific work

She has more than 70 scientific and educational works.

Main direction of research: introduction of decorative wood-shrub plants; Floristic analysis of early flowering plants of Zaporozhye region; Allelopathic effect of plants.

She is a member of the Ukrainian Society of Plant Physiologists.

Fruitful scientific and teaching work is marked by certificates.


Інформація надана біологічним факультетом

Pristupa Iryna Volodumirivna